Homelessness Outreach Maintenance and Education for Extreme Clutter and Hoarding

The Durham HOME Program provides services to vulnerable, low-income residents who require housing support/stabilization due to extreme clutter and/or unsanitary living conditions. For more information, please contact the Regional Intake Coordinator 1-888-314-6622 ext. 4192.

Download the Durham HOME Referral Form Revised 2023 here.

• Please fax the completed Durham HOME Referral Form and the attached signed consent form to our designated Community Support Fax Number 416-482-8785.

• The determination of acceptance to service is a two-step process:
✓ This completed referral form will be assessed to determine that the client meets program
✓ If eligible, an in-home assessment will be scheduled by the HOME Facilitator to assess the
condition of the unit, determine client readiness, and create a service plan.
Please note: There may be a wait list for services.