Housing Supports:

This is the listing Housing Support services in Durham Region. If you know of any additional services not listed below, please contact us with the information. Check back in on a regular basis for new information. Different organizations may need to follow specific criteria for services.

Housing Supports

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Housing Stability Program (HSP) –  helps qualified low-income households in Durham Region to obtain housing by providing financial assistance with last month’s rent deposit and moving costs.  HSP also assists with sustaining housing by providing financial assistance with rental and utility arrears.

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) – is designed for low-income families and individuals who have difficulty paying their hydro bills. Families and individuals may qualify for a one-time grant through an application process.

Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP)  – is designed to help reduce electricity bills for low-income households by providing a monthly on-bill credit for eligible households.

Landlord Engagement & Support – is provided to strengthen the cooperation and communication between Landlords and Housing Outreach Workers in Durham Region South while also enhancing the relationship between landlords and existing housing programs to support housing retention.

The CHPI Program has two program outcomes:

  1. People who are homeless obtain and retain housing

  2. People at risk of homelessness remain housed

The Regional Municipality of Durham works with various partners on new approaches and innovative solutions to encourage the creation of affordable housing in Durham Region.

Durham Region Non-Profit Housing Corporation (DRNPHC) helps to meet the housing needs of the region’s diverse population through the provision of practical, well-maintained and affordable housing.

This is a free program in the Oshawa, Whitby and Clarington offices offered to individuals and families in need of assistance to retain and find affordable, stable housing. This program also provides help to individuals needing to replace personal identification documents, create a home budget, or manage/resolve landlord-tenant-related issues.

The John Howard Society of Durham provides two safe, structured, supportive residences. The programs assist youth in learning the skills necessary to live independently in the community. The programs also take into account the individual needs of the residents by providing support counselling or referrals in areas such as income support, managing emotions, family and relationships, substance use, and mental health.

The program is designed to address the growing issue of homelessness and housing instability by providing housing loss prevention and housing stabilization services. It supports individuals and families who are homeless, at immediate risk of becoming homelessness, or in an unstable housing situation

The Housing Stability Program (HSP) assists low-income households who are at risk of homelessness or are currently homeless to secure housing or to help prevent eviction. North House staff will help you navigate this process.