CDCD & North House can provide information and support to landlords throughout Durham Region. 

Landlord Support is provided to:

  • Enhance the relationship between landlords and existing housing programs to support housing retention

  • Assist in creating more housing opportunities within the private rental market

  • Educate landlords on Rights and Responsibilities

  • Mediate rental concerns and support landlords to maintain client tenancy

  • Onboard landlords on a Landlord Engagement database to advertise their available rental units.

Durham South: CDCD offers support to Landlords in South Durham. (905-686-2661)

Durham North: North House offers support to Landlords is North Durham. (289-640-1929)

Landlord Database

CDCD, in collaboration with the Region of Durham, has created the Durham Region Landlord Database. The Regional Municipality of Durham is committed to ending chronic homelessness by 2024. Through the housing-focused approach, all supports, services, and strategies lead to housing and housing retention instead of managing the symptoms of homelessness. Learn more about the Durham Region Landlord Database here: Durham Landlord Database