Point In Time Count (PIT Count)

The PIT Count will provide an estimated snapshot of the extent and nature of homelessness in the Durham Region. It gathers information on both the number of persons/families experiencing homelessness, as well as their demographic characteristics and service needs. It is done during 24 hours to reduce duplication and to make it as cost and resource-effective as possible.

It is scheduled for when most people are off the street if they have somewhere else to go, and people are more likely to be settled down where they are planning to spend the night.  PIT Counts are performed in communities all across Canada, where the information is gathered to assist local and broader planning efforts.  

To find out more about Durham Region’s previous Counts visit: https://www.cdcd.org/pitcount/ 

To learn more about PIT Counts in Canada visit: https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/programs/homelessness/resources/point-in-time.htm 

The Homeless Hub has also provided additional information on Canada’s PIT Counts, found here: https://www.homelesshub.ca/solutions/monitoring-progress/point-time-counts

Renewed Homelessness and Housing Support Service System for the Regional Municipality of Durham

OrgCode Consulting Inc. was retained by Durham Region to facilitate the development of a renewed homelessness and housing support service system. Working alongside a systems planning committee comprised of a range of community stakeholders and Regional staff, OrgCode completed a review of available data, reports and documentation, gathered input from over 500 people, and examined current performance and system design.

This report reviews the methods and approach taken to complete the collective system planning work, outlines the current state of the system of care, identifies the proposed future state, and provides the service and accountability measures that should be taken to realize the desired future.

Report: Renewed Homelessness and Housing Support Service System for the Regional Municipality of Durham.