If you see any homeless person in need on the road or anywhere outside in Durham Region:

The Region of Durham Homelessness Outreach Team works 24/7 to support the most vulnerable members of our community. They actively engaged with community members and respond to calls from across the entire Durham region (including the north). For assistance with outreach support, please feel free to call 311 extension 5510 or email at Homeless Help Line.

You can also direct those in need of support to one of our Service Hubs listed on this website under Services.

They can also be connected with the Primary Care Outreach Program (PCOP).  The PCOP team provides primary care and social work services, to the unsheltered in Oshawa, Whitby, and Ajax’s priority neighbourhoods but also covering other areas in the Durham Region, as needed. You can contact PCOP at RMD.PCOP@durham.ca.

PCOP Social Work Services

  • Engagement, assessment, triage, coordinate referrals and follow up
  • The most important piece of their engagement is to start where they are. We identify the immediate need so no matter where they are is where we start
  • Crisis, addictions, mental health, trauma-informed counseling, general counseling, and assessing if there is a human trafficking concern.
  • Service navigation such as medical, addiction/misuse, mental health, physical health, housing/housing supports, and food security.
  • Walking with the individual to the service and supporting them when they engage in the supports. Often their experience with the system has been unsuccessful, and they have left without help and are extremely resistant to reengage.

PCOP Paramedic Services:

  • Blood glucose tests as needed
  • Medical counseling as needed
  • Engagement, assessment, and medical triage
  • Referrals for medical care/service navigation
  • Virtual connection to Doctor and/or Nurse Practitioner
  • Referrals to health care supports
  • Emergency care (i.e. Intravenous treatment)
  • Wound care
  • COVID-19 swab testing
  • Flu vaccines and COVID-19 vaccines for folks who want them.

See someone who needs help?

Call 311 extension 5510 to access the Homeless Help Line
If There Is An Emergency Please Call 911
If There Is An Emergency Please Call 911