VASE stands for fairness, equality and education in the fight against stigma, through the sharing of our personal challenges and successes.  Our aim is to provide hope to anyone affected by/or struggling with mental health and addictions issues. VASE grew from the recognition that personal stories can make powerful and tangible changes in the lives of people, for both the people listening and the people speaking. 

Our VASE speakers have travelled where requested to generate awareness and provide advocacy and inspiration to a wide range of audiences.  

The VASE group started approximately 12 years ago by first DMHS peer Sue Cathcart.  VASE has travelled as far as Ottawa to speak.  Before COVID VASE had a fairly consistent schedule of speaking in person. The online VASE group has been running since for approximately 2 years.  We have monthly series with current topics of interest 



VASE our vision; 

We are successful people with lived experience who aim to create a world without stigma by sharing our stories.  

 Our Mission: 

VASE (Voices Against Stigma Everywhere) will educate, advocate, and foster an inclusive community. 

We believe our experiences, strengths, humanity and hope for the future will be valued by the public with whom we will be sharing our mental health stories. 

VASE is a dedicated group of individuals, with lived and living mental health and addictions experience, who share our unique journeys with others. 

VASE has a professional outlook that is highly respected and influential. All VASE speakers have lived and living experience with mental illness and/or addictions.